What Qualifications Should a New Airline Reservation Clerk Need to Be Hired?

What Qualifications Should a New Airline Reservation Clerk Need to Be Hired?

Airline reservations are very important and airlines treat them with utmost importance. This is why most of the airlines appoint a very experienced, diligent and dedicated employee for the task of taking reservations. Airline reservations are not taken lightly and therefore it requires an in-depth knowledge about the processes involved and about the airline reservation clerk duties. You can get a lot of information about the various airline reservations clerk jobs on the internet.

Airline reservation clerk jobs require people who have excellent communication skills. It is very important that the person needs to possess a high level of listening ability as well as good listener and must be good at understanding situations. Airline reservation clerks of today have to work with different kinds of people and they are required to interact with people of different nationalities and cultures. They have to be very careful about the way they handle situations as sometimes they may get into conflicts with other staff members or other airlines. Airline reservation clerk training program prepares them for these situations by providing practical lessons and by teaching them how to deal with different types of people.

To perform his duties satisfactorily, airline reservation clerk needs to have a high level of organizational abilities and he should be able to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously. There are certain basic requirements which are necessary for him to be hired by airline companies: He should be 18 years of age; he should have basic computer skills; he should have an interest in the airline industry; he should have knowledge about travel and tourism sector. If you meet these requirements, you can expect to be hired 30 new reservation clerks for every airline department.

Airline reservation clerks work in close collaboration with airline management who provides details regarding flight schedules, seating arrangements, etc. He is the person who keeps in touch with the passenger and helps him to acquire information about his flight availability and details about the available seats. As he is the one responsible for day to day transactions pertaining to reservations, he should be reliable and hard working. Knowledge about computers and an experience in dealing with customers will give an edge to him. Most of the time, a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or computer science is required to enroll for this post.

The salary for this post is not that high; hence, it is important to analyze your entire career options so that you can choose the one which is worth your efforts and finances. If you are looking to work full time, then you can expect to earn around $13 hourly rate. If you are planning to work part time, then you can earn up to $12 an hour. If you are willing to work through an agency, the salary would differ accordingly. In any case, the compensation for airline reservations clerks is competitive and above par compared to other professions.

To be a successful airline reservation clerk, one must have the aptitude and patience to serve customers efficiently. Since these professionals interact directly with passengers, you must possess great communication skills. It is also essential that you have the right personality and the right set of skills to deal with different kinds of people in a friendly manner. This post requires you to take periodic training to enhance your skills and knowledge base. To become more effective, new employees are given a 3-day training program. If you get hired 30 new reservation clerks then you will need to attend this training program.

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