Flew AirAsia after 4.5 Years: A Comprehensive Review

Flew AirAsia after 4.5 Years: A Comprehensive Review


In this article, we delve into the experience of flying with AirAsia after a hiatus of 4.5 years. Air travel has evolved significantly during this time, and we aim to provide you with an insightful and detailed review of our recent journey with the airline. From booking our tickets to the in-flight experience, we’ll cover it all.

Booking Process

Seamless Online Booking

AirAsia’s website has undergone remarkable improvements since our last encounter. The booking process is now smoother and more user-friendly. With an intuitive interface, we effortlessly selected our preferred travel dates and destinations. The inclusion of a user-friendly calendar view for flexible date searches was particularly convenient.

Competitive Pricing

One aspect that has remained consistent with AirAsia is its commitment to affordability. The airline continues to offer competitive prices, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. We found the fare options transparent, allowing us to choose the package that best suited our needs.

Pre-flight Experience

Streamlined Check-in

Upon arriving at the airport, we were pleased to discover a streamlined check-in process. AirAsia’s self-service kiosks and mobile app check-in options expedited the process, reducing the time spent in queues. This efficient system allowed us to focus on a stress-free start to our journey.

Updated Lounges

AirAsia’s lounges have undergone significant improvements. The updated lounge facilities provided a comfortable space to relax before our flight. The inclusion of high-speed Wi-Fi, charging stations, and a variety of refreshments enhanced the overall pre-flight experience.

In-flight Experience

Comfortable Seating

As we settled into our seats, we were pleasantly surprised by the comfort and legroom provided by AirAsia. The seats were well-padded and ergonomically designed, ensuring a comfortable journey throughout.

In-flight Entertainment

AirAsia’s entertainment options have also received a significant upgrade. The availability of a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and music allowed us to personalize our in-flight entertainment experience. The addition of in-seat power outlets ensured that our devices remained charged throughout the journey.

Dining Options

Varied Menu

One of the highlights of our flight was the diverse menu offered by AirAsia. Whether you prefer Asian cuisine or international flavors, there was something for every palate. The inclusion of vegetarian and dietary-specific options showcased the airline’s commitment to catering to all passengers.

Efficient Service

The cabin crew’s efficiency and attentiveness were commendable. They ensured that all passengers received their meals promptly and provided assistance whenever needed. It contributed significantly to the overall positive in-flight experience.


Our journey with AirAsia after 4.5 years was marked by significant improvements in various aspects of the travel experience. From booking convenience to in-flight comfort and dining options, AirAsia has stepped up its game to cater to the evolving needs of travelers. If you’re considering flying with AirAsia, rest assured that you’ll be in for a pleasant and enjoyable journey.

To sum up, AirAsia continues to be a cost-effective choice for travelers seeking affordability without compromising on quality. With its enhanced services and commitment to passenger satisfaction, it’s no wonder that AirAsia is a top contender in the airline industry.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our personal experience and is accurate as of the date of our flight. AirAsia’s services and offerings may be subject to change, and we recommend checking the airline’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

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