Airline Reservation System – Reduce Costs and Increase passenger Service

Airline Reservation System – Reduce Costs and Increase passenger Service

Airline reservations systems are typically part of the so-called passenger service systems, which are computerized software supporting the direct communication between the passenger and the airline. The whole system needs to have the capacity to integrate various elements involved in the travel, such as air traffic controllers, air traffic managers, passengers, as well as airlines themselves. This is to ensure that the travel has been smooth and hassle free. Airline reservations systems can be used to manage the reservations, fares, flight timings, as well as the boarding process.

Airlines use the airline reservation system not only to improve their overall efficiency but also to reduce costs and make everything easier for the travellers. The inventory of all the passengers can be easily controlled through the inventory management systems. Airline companies often use the PNR or passenger name record to keep track of passenger details. The PNR includes information such as the date of birth, physical address, contact numbers and even photos.

The flight reservation system allows the airlines to identify the individual luggage of each traveller which helps in saving a considerable amount of time. If you check in luggage together, the airline inventory management system will quickly tell the warehouse staff who will then pack and store it for you in a special area. In case of lost luggage, the system will immediately notify the airline inventory staff. This automated alert system keeps a record of your luggage details thus in case you lose your luggage during the flight, you will easily be informed. You will receive an email message or call from the airline inventory staff to inform you that your luggage is missing.

The online reservation system offers the flexibility of booking seats in just a few clicks. This is the most convenient way of booking a flight. With the ticketing system, you can purchase tickets online and then enter the reference number provided by the website to get hold of your ticket. Your e-ticket will be directly deposited in your account by the airline company after paying any processing fees.

Another major benefit is that you don’t need to visit any website to find out about flight availability. The reservation system provides complete information about all available flights. As soon as you identify the flight that meets your requirements, you just have to click on the link of availability to book the ticket. The details of different airlines are displayed on the screen. The details such as fare rates, seat assignments, airway codes, airport parking, seat number, confirmation number, ticket cost, travel date and arrival time are displayed along with details of the airport transfer and car rental services.

The airline reservation system also offers passenger service. A customer care phone is offered to cater to any customer related concerns. An online portal with FAQ’s and ticket booking options is available. You can also view the previous customer records to understand more about the services provided by the airline company. So, with a reservation system, you will be in a position to get hold of tickets quickly and efficiently.

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